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Does my vote count?

Your vote is important, now more than ever before, as educational policy is swiftly changing with hard pushes from politicians spanning our country, coupled with strong corporate influence. Even if you are not politically inclined, politics now impacts our school districts, our professions, our home lives.

This is the time when you need to come forward, to share your voice as a citizen and educator, to VOTE on November 5, 2013. 

Please view the following short video to see how politics has affected public education throughout the country. See how members’ conditions of employment have been changed due to political pressure in other states, as well as in New York. 

Then, on Tuesday, November 5, take the time to provide voice for yourself, your profession, your union by casting your vote.

As NYSUT Vice President Andy Pallotta says, “We can read history ... teach history ... write history ... but most of all, we can make history.”

The video is found at:

Take Action, Long Island!