November Talking Points

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Executive Council Meeting

        November 21, 2016

                                            RVCTA Office - 28 Lincoln Avenue, Rockville Centre



  1. Paychecks:
    1. Active Members: Salaries/Survey/Deductions/Stipends
    2. Overpayment Pool: Some members were notified that they overpaid the District because of FICA and/or Medicare.
    3. Explanation of paycheck contents provided for you by RVCTA.
  2. APPR - We are under 3012-D. To see the plan, please go to Rockville Centre’s website, “General Information,” “Policies and Procedures,” “APPR.”  Thanks to our APPR Chair, Michael Maschio and liaisons, Kevin Kennedy, Matt Greenberg and Barbara Jay for keeping members informed.
  3. Let’ s learn about the NYS Constitutional Convention- PDF Version   

Under the New York State Constitution (Article 19, §2), the people of the Empire State are asked every 20 years a seemingly simple ballot question: "Shall there be a convention to re- vise the constitution and amend same?"

These 12 simple words will appear on the top of the ballot on Nov. 7, 2017, and could have a huge impact on NYSUT members, and every citizen of the state. All of us, from retirees, teachers and school staff, higher education faculty and health care and human services professionals to the children who will enter pre-K or college the very next year, have a stake in the outcome of this important vote.  This issue is important to you, your families and the people you serve for many reasons.

First, the constitution establishes a basic organizational structure for state government. If changes are made that give too much power to one branch, for example say the executive, then our system of representative governance will be upended. Second, the constitution establishes the fundamental rights you enjoy as a citizen of New York state and as a public employee. Some of these include:

  • Guaranteeing the right to a free public education (Article 11, §1);
  • Prohibiting reductions in public pension benefits (Article 5, §7);
  • Rights to workers' compensation (Article 1, §18);
  • Rights to be a member of a union and bargain collectively (Article 1, §17), and
  • Requiring the state to provide for social welfare needs (Article 27, §1).

Third, the constitution sets the most important policy goals for the people of New York state, and thus, has an impact on every other law currently in place and on statutes yet to come. For example, the 1967 convention was specially convened by an act of the Legislature a decade after the 20-year scheduled referendum was voted down in 1957. Following the 1967 convention, voters rejected proposed changes, including a repeal of the "Blaine Amendment" that prohibits the use of state monies to be used to assist religious schools. If voters had approved the "Blaine" repeal, public education would look very different in New York state.

  1.  Viri recently participated in a NYSUT ESSA Phone conference
  2. Virginia Stamatakis participated in November’s TRS Institute. 
  3.  RVCTA will participate in Winter, 2017 NYSUT Regional Sessions

Viri will be attending the NYSUT Leadership Institute - February, 2017

  1. Viri attended an ED18 meeting on November 17, 2016. Election news was the central topic.  Locally, Todd Kaminsky was successfully elected as State Senator for SD9 (includes Rockville Centre).
  2. NYSUT’s convention, called the Representative Assembly (RA) will be held in New York City this year, from April 6 through April 8.  This will be attended by Lesli Deninno, Chris D’Ambrosio, Chris Figaro, Lena Cobia and Viri, as RVCTA’s delegates.
  3. Viri has been selected to participate in the NEA’s February, 2017 leadership conference
  1. Voting, 2016 -  Thanks to those who went to the polls and expressed their voice as citizens and educators through voting.

7.  Values Statement - Executive Council is developing a union values statement. We have six key values that will be woven into the statement.

8.  RVCUFSD News  

            RVCUFSD Opt Out - LAP Status - Researching now

9.  The November 17, 2016 RVC Herald contained an RVCTA article on our MOA.  Scope it out on our website.

10.  Important for Members - Please remember:

  1. If in a difficult situation at a meeting with an administrator, please remember to state, “At this time, I feel that I need a union representative.”  
  2. Register with our union website, found at http://ny.aft/org/rvcta.  You are not permitted to automatically access website contents!  You must register.
  3. Consider what is written while using RVCUFSD email and when you are using BYOD for your personal use.
  4. If subpoenaed, please let RVCTA building rep or level vice president know immediately.  Need a copy of the subpoena.
  5. The member is responsible for maintenance of his/her certification.  If you are teaching in a class in which you are uncertified, please advise your level vice president immediately. 

Thanks to Pat Quinn and the members of the Benefits Trust committee for their dedication in handling our dental program.

Thanks to Virginia Stamatakis for her hard work on behalf of members – Retirement may or may not be around the corner, but it is something that we all need to consider.  Virginia makes it easy for us!


Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving!