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What You Should Know When You Go on Leave

What You Should Know When You Go On Leave

          If you are on a paid leave, FMLA, your health benefits will continue without any change.

          If you are on an unpaid leave, your benefits will terminate unless you request to pay COBRA.

Whom to Contact
Health Insurance
Carol Byrne –ext. 8940
Dental Insurance
ASO – 396-5522
Life Insurance
ASO – 396-5522
Davis Vision Care
Lena Cobia    
NYSUT Membership
Elizabeth Farmer

Q: If I leave May 1, and I submitted claims before I leave, am I entitled to any reimbursement even if I don’t pay COBRA?   

A: If you choose to allow your dental benefit to lapse, any benefit you earned by partial year employment will be pro-rated. For example, if you were eligible for $1000 by May 1, your reimbursement would be for $500.


Q: Will the union dues when I’m on leave be the same rate as when I was employed?

A: No, there is a special lower rate for members on-leave.

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