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What is the Triborough Amendment and how does affect me?  How long has the Taylor Law been in existence?  Where do we stand on these key points?  Read on!


NYSUT members are asked to contribute to VOTE/COPE.  Click on this article for an explanation of this most important support of our profession.


A guide to acronyms used in the education union world.

An agreement has been reached with Sele-Dent, Inc. to allow members of the RVCRTA access to the network of providers. 

DavisVision Contact

RVCTA Contact for DavisVision questions:

Lena Cobia at


          If you are on a paid leave, FMLA, your health benefits will continue without any change.

          If you are on an unpaid leave, your benefits will terminate unless you request to pay COBRA.


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