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Information about APPR Changes from Your President

In April, the Board of Regents adopted changes to regulations regarding Annual Professional Performance Reviews (APPR) of teachers.

The Regents adopted regulations by emergency action to:

1. Require school districts and BOCES to include student growth as criterion in the evaluation of teachers;

2 .Create four "uniform qualitative rating categories" (Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, Ineffective) to evaluate teachers; and

3. Provide timely and constructive feedback to teachers.

Teacher performance evaluation procedures must continue to be collectively bargained and as a result of NYSUT advocacy will take effect with the 2011-12 school year instead of the 2010-11 school year as originally proposed."  (

Want to stay informed?  Head to our union's website, .  APPR updates will be found under the "Recent News" category.  Need more info?  Visit NYSUT's page at .

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