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The Constitutional Convention

<p>In 2037, when the call goes up again in New York for a statewide Constitutional Convention, where will RVCTA be?The answer lies in you, my union brothers and sisters.In November, our many New York unions became one voice, defeating the constitutional convention by a historical margin of 82%. That vote sent a powerful message that unions are alive and strong.What we saved was nothing less than monumental: the safe basis of public education, a state constitution protected from corporate self-interests, and , for us in RVCTA, our union rights to organize and negotiate collectively.Going forward towards 2037, we must remember the value of unity for our professional and financial well-being, as well as the power collective action has when union members vote.We must rededicate ourselves to staying STRONG -- TOGETHER -- so that we can have professional standards and a fair quality of life as we practice our avocational love, TEACHING !In solidarity,Frank Van Zant</p>

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