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Member Benefits

The RVCTA offers benefits free of charge to all members.


Contacts - RVCTA Benefit Trust

Contacts - Retirement

Retirement Contact List Information

NYS Teacher Retirement System Information
Jane Beller
RVCTA Retirement Representative
Tim Southerton
RVC Retired Teachers Association
Mary Schmidt
President RVCRTA

To request a System form or publication, call the NYSTRS automated Hotline at (800) 782-0289.

Active Member Inquiries
To speak with a NYSTRS representative, call (800) 348-7298 or (518) 447-2900 and use the following extensions.

  • General information: Ext. 6250
  • To request an estimate of your retirement benefit: Ext. 6020
  • To schedule an appointment in Albany or at a video conference site: Ext. 6100
  • For questions about prior service: Ext. 6030
  • To request a loan application, or check the status of an application or a balance: Ext. 6250. For other questions about a loan: Ext. 6080
  • To withdraw your membership: Ext. 6090
  • To report an active member's death: Ext. 6110

More information can be found at the NYSTRS website.  We strongly encourage our members to register.  To set up your MyNYSTRS account, you will need your NYSTRS number.  It is found on your benefits profile.

CLICK HERE for DavisVision, our eyecare provider. DavisVision is available only for RVCTA members.

AFT PLUS Member Benefits


AFT PLUS is the name of the member benefit programs available to AFT members and their families. Many of the programs are provided through Union Privilege, the benefit arm of the AFL-CIO; others are unique to AFT and are coordinated directly through AFT PLUS. Explore the site and learn more about the savings and services available to you as a union member.

Click here to learn more about AFT PLUS Member Benefits.